2013 Plump Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon - Coonawarra

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Regal, yet modern. Lifted high notes - an intriguing mix of rhubarb, turnip, radish, parsnip, white chocolate and clove. Scents of blackberry conserve, fig paste, black olive, oregano, bay-leaf, paprika. A hint of high quality French Oak Rhubarb compote carries over onto the palate, energised by blackcurrant and quince allies and red fruits. Tomato chutney/relish/ way to savoury tapenade. Dutch red licourice. The feature here is texture....structurally woven, a mesh rather than a coating - tightening by oak, bound by powdery Coonawarra Cabernet tannins. Good grip, natural acidity , deep and long.